We have returned home from our road trip and filming, and are starting the editing process. Thank you for continued support and patience! 

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A journey to uncover the life and works of a late underground Native American artist. My dad. 

Time is of the essence.


Jaye Allison-Zamrzla was a brilliant underrated contemporary artist. His work predominantly consists of portraits of Native American icons as well as himself. Jaye’s oldest daughter, Rachel Allison, has uncovered more of his art since his passing 7 years ago. She is now seeking out friends and family across the country in order to gather insight and stories from Jaye’s closest companions. Using all forms of media available, photos, video and audio she will piece together a quintessential tribute to an otherwise lost american artist. Rachel is now seeking support from outside sources to gain momentum and financial backing.  All funds raised will ensure the completion of this 5000 mile journey, and ultimately a breathtaking documentary!


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